eevee music

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Eevee, the prolific 25-year-old producer from the Netherlands, has been sharing her lo-fi hip-hop sound since late 2013. She quickly gained international recognition from her beat tapes and numerous EP’s. Eevee has toured across Europe presenting a versatile and unique performance of her personal selections, and she has been featured on Noisey, Vice and other music blogs. In 2018, eevee started her own imprint called Secret Souls.

Eevee music had no website when I was brought onto the project, though she had a large online following on other media platforms. I designed the site from scratch, with inspiration from retro gaming and old PC window formats. I worked closely with the developer, building a prototype in Adobe XD with all the assets to be used on the final site.

The highlights of the site’s design are the moveable windows within the website itself. The novel design complements the uniqueness of the artist’s sound and her followers’ interests.

Tasks: creative direction / web design
Tools: Adobe XD and Illustrator